Schools for missionaries' children

teaching in small classesSchools for missionaries' children are often used and staffed by several agencies. In both Senegal and Korea, WEC runs its own international schools. Elsewhere WEC works in partnership with other agencies, helping to recruit staff for wherever WEC's children attend an international school.

There are currently vacancies for the following opportunities at international schools in Asia, Europe and Africa where WEC missionaries' children attend: Art, Bible/Religious Education, English language, English literature, French language, Geography, History, Humanities, IT Computer, Maths, Media, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Sociology, Spanish, Special Needs and TEFL – from Kindergarten or Preschool, up to Secondary AP (Advanced Placement) or Cambridge IGCSE curriculum.

BCS flag teamIt usually takes new workers several years to learn the local language and culture. Frequently, married workers become most effective in cross-cultural ministry at the same time as their children reach school age; so schools for missionaries’ children (MKs) play a critical part in enabling them to stay active in ministry overseas.

Teachers, dorm parents, office workers and general school helpers make a significant contribution to the task of reaching people and planting churches, and also have a vital input into the lives of the students.

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thumb_bcs_newlogoBourofaye Christian School  in Popenguine, Senegal

korea flagSejong Global School in Cheonan, South Korea


Sejong Global School

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