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Committed to be part of God's mission to the world?

WEC's colleges are committed to equipping God's people in order to facilitate the emergence of worshipping communities amongst the least reached peoples of this world.

WEC missionary training colleges go far beyond the normal theological institution. They emphasise holistic training for the whole person, promoting growth in every area of a trainee's life. WEC has six such centres:

students from all continentsWorldview Australia

Gateway Canada

Cornerstone Netherlands

EastWest New Zealand

MTC LatinoAmericano (Portuguese) Brazil

El Monte (Spanish) Mexico


Who we are colours all we do. To be relevant in Christian work we have to grow as Christians and residential living in community is planned to develop that character and a Christlike lifestyle.


Courses give a lot of time to reading and studying the Bible. Many other books on theology, exegesis and commentary will be studies but the Bible is the key resource. Both inductive Bible study and exegesis are foundational for faith. WEC colleges seek to provide knowledge that is instrumental to skill and character training for reaching people and planting churches.


The training takes place both in the classroom and many ministry opportunities will be given to gain 'hands on' experience of doing the work of God, locally and overseas. This develops ministry for cross-cultural service, people skills, and teamwork.

Specialised training

WEC provides training in specialised areas too.

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