Burkina Faso

We are a small multicultural team from 5 nations seeking to take the gospel to those who have as yet not heard of the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. The challenge is enormous but the fields are ripe unto harvest. Do pray for us or, if God is calling you, come and join us.

The work in Burkina began in 1934 with Stanley Bennington, a missionary with the Qua Iboe Mission (now Mission Africa). Having worked alone, he managed to persuade Jack Robertson of WEC who was working in Ivory Coast to come and join him. When Stanley left, the work was taken up by WEC. The work started in Bouroum-Bouroum with the Lobi and has moved into the other unreached people groups such as the Birifor, Gan and Dagari. The advance is now continuing into the Fulani and the Komono people groups, and has spread over the whole of the south-west of the country with a fledgling work in the capital, Ouagadougou.

The EPE Church was officially recognised in 1978. There are about 110 pastors and over 8000 Christians in around 150 churches. The church is increasingly taking over in the responsibility to reach the remaining unevangelised peoples and villages in the region.