Our vision

  • Falling on our knees, praying for a body of believers who live out the holy values of Jesus
  • Rising to the challenge of reaching out with love and respect for our Muslim neighbours
  • Standing together with the local believers to see well-trained leaders

Our purpose statement

  • To see all of those around us have the opportunity of understanding and responding to the Love of Jesus.
  • To see leaders capable of taking the EPE into the future
  • To see local believers live out the holy values of Jesus

Our primary goals

  1. Establishing a viable team for to work especially with Fulanis of the Southwest.
  2. Imparting a vision to the Church to love their Muslim neighbours, and reach out to them.
  3. Praying and promoting prayer for a fresh move of God's Spirit in our churches.
  4. Helping with and strengthening leadership through training and encouragement.

Different ministries in which WEC are involved here

  • Sharing the stories of Jesus
  • Establishing communities of worship
  • Teaching the scriptures
  • Working with children and training others to do so
  • Publication of materials in local languages

Personnel needed:

  • Three new workers to form a team for Fulani outreach
  • Two new workers for the Komono peoples
  • One worker/couple for urban outreach in Ouagadougou and to assist in administration
  • One short-term worker to help with Information Technology
  • One couple/single for hospitality and administration at Gaoua Mission Headquarters (suitable for older couple who have taken early retirement)

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