Introduction to Guinea-Bissau

fertile ingoreGuinea-Bissau is small country in West Africa sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean on the west, Senegal on the north and Guinea on the east and south. About one million five hundred thousand people live there, with more coming from nearby countries as well as Nigeria and Asia. Area is about 36,000 square kilometres. The climate is tropical with a rainy season between June to October and dry season November to May.

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WEC Guinea-Bissau has a vision to plant multiplying churches among the Balanta Mane, Biafada, Fula, Mandinka and Nalu/Susu peoples in Guinea-Bissau.

WEC is working in multicultural teams with the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau to bring the Good News to those who have not yet had the opportunity to hear.  It is our desire to encourage and to disciple those who want to serve the Lord Jesus by providing suitable training to help each member to grow spiritually and to minister to others.

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New believers are taught from the beginning to share the Good News with those who have not yet heard, taught how to disciple new believers and to accept the responsibilities of being members of the body of Christ.

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The body of the Lord Jesus in Guinea-Bissau is growing and continuing to reveal the 'hope of glory, Christ in us' to the many who do not yet know Him. The Lord is patient, not wanting that any perish, but that all should reach repentence.

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