is where the field office is located, the meeting place for our workers each two months, coming for prayer, rest, fellowship, food, fuel, internet and mail. The international airport has daily flights to Senegal and weekly flights to Portugal and Cape Verde.


is reached by 200 km of sealed road, then 60 km of unsealed road, about five hours by private car and around eight hours by public transport. Our work begun here with a primary Christian school and now includes a Christian secondary school.


is the largest city in the region of Cacheu, and just over an hour from Bissau.  Our work there is centred around the Christian primary school.


is close to Bissau, only 15 km across the river about an hour and thirty minutes by daily canoe.  The work there includes working with the local church and translation of a local language.


the second largest city, is about three hours by road east of Bissau. Our new team there is busy in learning local language and building relationships with locals. A congregation for those from an Islamic background exists here.


means 'guest' in the local language and you will be welcome to join the multicultural team there working with the regional youth centre and the local church surrounded by twelve small daughter churches.


the place to be to get away from it all, although only two and a half hours from Bissau, located alongside the beautiful Rio Geba, it is home to the Bible Institute, training nationals to be pastors.

guinea bissau map