Prayer for Guinea-Bissau

Your prayer is very much appreciated. Please join with us and pray for the following ...

  • Bill and Linda, HQ managers, responsible for the accommodation and all aspects of the local HQ including workers.  Please pray for their language and culture learning and their adjustment to the field and their new colleagues. Also please pray for the right offroad motorbike to cope with the broken sealed roads and the many unsealed roads.
  • Hans and Carla have moved to the Quinara region. Please pray for their adjustment to the local people and building good relationships with key people.  Also please pray for the Biafada group working on the oral translation of key stories from Creation to Salvation.
  • Please pray for our new leaders, Titus and Ruth, as they work together to serve the field.  May they know the Lord's anointing and wisdom each day to fulfil all that He has for them to do.
  • The annual field conference will be held in January. Please pray for the travel, preparation, fellowship and business plus the devotions with messages from local pastors given each day.

Praise the Lord with us for the following:

  • Recent Renovations: The HQ is looking better each week with four renovated bathrooms, new paintwork, renovated furniture, new curtains and furniture coverings and much more.  We praise the Lord for the work of the builders and many who contributed to the comfort of our HQ.
  • Dry season: Praise the Lord for the opportunities to share the Good News throughout the dry season, with access to all places.  May those going know His anointing and may those who enter the Kingdom be well taught and given every opportunity to grow in their relationship with the Lord.
  • Church Growth: The national church continues to grow; both numerically and in spiritual depth.  We praise the Lord for a number of godly leaders and enthusiastic evangelism, discipleship and a variety of training such as Short Term Bible Courses, Evening Bible College, Bible Institute and Discipleship Training Course.
  • Bill and Linda We rejoice in the Lord's provision of HQ managers after years of prayer. 

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