background to Cambodia

Christian and Missionary Alliance personnel ministered to the Cambodian people for over 40 years from 1923. At first there was little response but their work laid a foundation for an amazing move of the Spirit in the early 1970s when thousands of people turned to Christ. Some believers lived through the ensuing holocaust while others formed groups in refugee camps on the Thai border or settled abroad.

Since 1990 Christians have been allowed to worship openly. In 1995 many Christian groups came together and registered with the government as the Evangelical Fellowship of Cambodia (EFC). In recent years non-governmental organisations (NGOs), many run by Christians, have entered the country to alleviate the suffering of the people through a range of projects.

WEC expressed concern for Cambodia in the 1960s but it was not until 1992 that international leaders grappled with the reality of bringing their vision to birth. Initially four workers were seconded to agencies such as YWAM, addressing community health needs in Stung Treng. At present one worker is seconded to Hagar, working with children at risk. In 1995, we began a small ministry to children. By 2000, the team had grown to 16 members primarily ministering to vulnerable children and youth.

map of Cambodia