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WEC Brazil

Jonas the Fitness Trainer

 My name is Marcelo, and I am from Brazil. Being a missionary is about sharing the good news of Jesus wherever we are. I began to go the gym close to our WEC office. The instructor and I became friends - his name was Jonas. Time went by and Jonas noticed that I was losing weight and improving my fitness. He praised me for that - it felt really good that someone noticed! I seized the opportunity and told him my story. I began by sharing that I had been an engineer in São Paulo and that I had left my job in order to become a full time missionary.

He was visibly impressed and shared with me that he had gone to church but  had become disillusioned by the attitudes of the church goers. It was at that point in our conversation that I used the example of the gym where we were meeting. There were many who were there, some even came really regularly, but not all of them were focussed and committed and so their gym membership was not actually making any difference to their fitness or health. They could blame the gym or even the fitness trainer, but in reality the people themselves are the ones who need to make the important choices. He got the message and after a few days he accepted my invitation to go to the men's meeting in our church. It was there that he gave his life to Jesus.

God gives us opportunities to share and when we do, seeds are sown. Where can you sow seeds today?


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